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A cooked ground meat patty, frequently made of beef, is placed inside a sliced bun to create a burgur sandwich. With the addition of toppings like lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions, and sauces, it can be made to order

Burgur king

Burgur Menu

Here's a concise breakdown of the items on the menu:

1. Beef Burgers:

   - The BURGUR: Salad, relish, aioli.

   - Cheese Burgur: Beef, cheese, lettuce, pickles, burgur sauce.

   - Double Bacon: Beef, Double bacon, Lettuce, Onion, BBQ sauce, aioli.

   - Mushroom Beef: Chuck beef patty with house chili, sour cream, and veggies on a brioche bun.

   - Mexi Beef: Beef, lettuce, jalapenos, salami, capsicum, smashed avocado, onion & chili sauce.

   - Godfather: Beef, lettuce, caramelised onions, bacon, ham, salami, cheese, BBQ sauce.

   - Big Vic: Beef, lettuce, onion, beetroot, egg, bacon, cheese, pineapple, ketchup, aioli.

   - Golden Rings: Beef, lettuce, onion, onion rings, cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, aioli.

   - New York: Double Beef, Double Cheese, Lettuce, Caramelised Onion, Ketchup & American Mustard.

2. Chicken Burgers:

   - Deluxe Chicken: Chicken breast, cheese, bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, onion, tomato relish, aioli.

   - Japanese Teriyaki: Marinated teriyaki chicken, lettuce, caramelised onions, avocado, tomato, Japanese mayo.

   - Caesar: Bacon, free-range egg, parmesan, salad, onion, caesar dressing.

   - Hawaiian 5.0: Chicken, lettuce, onion, bacon, pineapple, cheese, salad, BBQ sauce, aioli.

3. Southern Fried Chicken Burgers:

   - The Smokehouse: Beef, Southern fried chicken, Double cheese, Bacon, Pickles, Crumbed onion rings, BBQ sauce & Aioli.

   - Southern Cheese:

   - Southern Rings: Southern fried chicken, cheese, lettuce, bacon, onion rings, aioli, BBQ sauce.

   - Aussie Aussie: Southern Fried Chicken, Bacon, Beetroot, Egg, Cheese, Lettuce, onion, BBQ sauce & Aioli.

4. Veg Burgers:

   - Mr. Hot Potato: Deep fried potato patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, caramelised onion, bush tomato chutney, peri mayo.

   - Mushroom Delight: Deep fried potato patty, lettuce, cheese, onion, grilled mushrooms, bush tomato chutney, aioli.

   - Mexi Veg: Deep fried potato patty, lettuce, onion, cheese, jalapenos, avocado, chili sauce, aioli.

   - Southwest Veg: Deep fried potato patty, cheese, caramelised onions, tomato, lettuce, roasted capsicum, chipotle sauce, aioli.

   - Garden Goodness: Deep fried potato patty, cheese, caramelised onions, tomato, lettuce, roasted capsicum, chipotle sauce, aioli.

5. Wings:

   - Buffalo Wings: Deep fried wings tossed with American style Buffalo sauce.

   - BBQ Wings: Deep fried wings tossed with smoky barbecue sauce.

   - Sweet Chilli Wings: Deep fried wings tossed with our signature sweet chili sauce.

   - Boneless Buffalo Wings: Deep fried wings tossed with American style Buffalo sauce.

   - Boneless BBQ Wings: Deep fried wings tossed with smoky BBQ sauce.

   - Boneless Sweet Chilli Wings: Deep fried wings tossed with our signature sweet chili sauce.

6. Kids Menu:

   - Cheese Burgur Kids:

   - Tender Kids: 2 Tenders, kids chips, pop top, or water bottle.

   - Kids Nuggets: 4 Nuggets, kids chips, pop top, or water bottle.

7. Sides and Chips:

   - Chips:

   - Cheesy Tots (12 Pcs): Fried potato tots and cheese sauce.

   - Onion Rings:

   - Loaded Fries - Cheese and Bacon: Large chips, cheese sauce, and crispy bacon.

   - Pork Fries: Large chips, slow-cooked pulled pork, cheese sauce, and aioli.

   - New York Fries: Large chips, cheese sauce, crispy bacon, ketchup, and American mustard.

8. Beverages:

   - Soft Drink Cans

   - Pop Tops

   - Bottle of Water

   - 600 ml drink

1. Cheese burger (US):
The exemplary cheeseburger commonly consists of a ground hamburger patty prepared with salt and pepper, cooked on a barbecue or burner, and put on a bun. It very well may be tweaked with different fixings like cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard.

2. Cheese burger (Canada):
Like the burger, the cheese burger adds a cut of cheese, frequently American, which dissolves over the patty while it cooks. This is a gooey and delightful addition to the conventional burger.

3. Veggie Burger (Worldwide):

Veggie burgers take care of vegans, and vegetarians eat less. They are produced using an assortment of plant-based fixings like vegetables, grains, and flavours. Veggie burgers can be custom-made or locally acquired and are delighted in by people searching for a meatless alternative.

4. Slider (US):
Sliders are little, scaled-down burgers that started in the US. They commonly include a little patty cooked on a frying pan, served on a little bun, and finished off with different toppings. Sliders are perfect for examining various flavours or partaking in different burgers at a time.

5. Two-layer (US):
Two-layer burgers comprise two meat patties stacked on top of one another with cheddar and something different in the middle. The extra patty adds additional succulence and flavour to the burger.

6. Connoisseur Burger (Worldwide):
Connoisseur burgers are in many cases tracked down in upscale eateries and spotlight top-notch fixings and one-of-a kind flavour mixes. They can incorporate connoisseur cheeses, specialty sauces, craftsman buns, and fixings like caramelised onions, cooked peppers, avocado, or truffle-mixed components.

7. Ramen Burger (Japan/US):
The ramen burger is a combination creation that began in Japan but has acquired ubiquity in the US. It replaces the customary bun with two plates of compacted ramen noodles. The noodles are cooked and burned to make a firm outside, sandwiching a meat patty, and finished off with conventional burger fixings.

8. Banh M Burger (Vietnam):
Joining components of Vietnamese cooking with a burger, the bánh m burger includes a meat patty marinated in Vietnamese flavours, finished off with cured carrots and daikon, cilantro, cucumber cuts, and frequently a sriracha mayo sauce. It gives a novel mix of flavours and surfaces.

9. Juicy Lucy (US):
Starting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Juicy Lucy (or Succulent Lucy) is a cheeseburger with a bend. Rather than putting the cheddar on top of the patty, it is filled inside the hamburger patty. When cooked, the cheddar melts and overflows, bringing about a liquid and delightful

10. Katsu Burger (Japan):
Famous in Japan, the katsu burger includes a breaded and pan-fried pork or chicken cutlet, frequently presented with a tart tonkatsu sauce and customary burger fixings. It joins the surfaces of a firm cutlet with the recognisable burger design.

These models showcase the variety of burgers enjoyed around the world. Neighbourhood varieties and innovative variations keep arising, taking into consideration the vast conceivable outcomes with regards to this adored food.

I wholeheartedly approve of Burgar,Burgar is an amazing option for anyone looking for a delicious and satisfying meal.The burgers are made with new fixings and are cooked flawlessly, giving you a delicious and delightful chomp like clockwork. The range of garnishes and sauces accessible make it simple to redo your dinner to your careful preferences. The burgers are likewise sensibly valued, making it an extraordinary choice for anybody on a tight spending plan. The climate of the eatery is likewise perfect, with cordial staff and a comfortable environment. All things considered, Burgar is a great decision for anybody searching for a scrumptious and fulfilling food.


I'm totally happy to have the option to discuss Burgar, Burgar is a drive-through eatery chain that has been presenting tasty burgers to clients for a long time. Their menu incorporates various burgers, sandwiches, mixed greens, and sides, all made with new fixings and cooked flawlessly. Burgar values furnishing clients with an incredible taste insight at a reasonable cost. The eatery likewise offers many veggie lover and vegan choices, pursuing it an extraordinary decision for those searching for a better feast. Burgar likewise offers an extraordinary determination of beverages, including milkshakes, smoothies, and soft drinks.The friendly staff at Burgar is always on hand to help customers make the perfect meal. Burgar is a great option for anyone looking for a quick and tasty food. I highly recommend Burgar for anyone looking for a delicious and affordable foods.

Burgur high st/burgur high street/ organic food depot

Burgar High Street is a wonderful place to visit for anyone looking for a unique shopping experience. The road is fixed with various shops, eateries and bistros, each offering something particularly amazing and extraordinary. The environment is vivacious and lively, with a lot of individuals partaking in the rushing about of the road. The shops offer a large number of things, from dress and assistants to books and keepsakes. The eateries give a heavenly determination of food and beverages, while the bistros offer an incredible spot to unwind and partake in some espresso. Burgar High Road is likewise home to numerous widespread developments and exercises, making it an extraordinary spot to invest energy with loved ones. Generally, Burgar High Road is an extraordinary spot to visit and I energetically suggest it for anybody searching for a novel shopping experience.

Fortnite burgur

Fortnite Burgar is an amazingly famous computer game that has overwhelmed the world. It is a fight royale game that sets up to 100 players in opposition to one another in a consistently contracting map. Players should rummage for weapons, assemble posts, and outlive their adversaries to be the sole survivor. The game has turned into a social peculiarity, with a huge number of players signing in day to day to contend. The game has likewise turned into a significant wellspring of income for its designer, Legendary Games, with its in-game buys and microtransactions.

The game is unbelievably open, with its allowed to-play model and its accessibility on different stages. It is likewise unbelievably enjoyable to play, with its quick moving activity, innovative structure mechanics, and its always evolving map. It likewise has an extraordinary feeling of local area, with its numerous competitions and its devoted fan base.

In general, Fortnite Burgar is an astonishing game that has enthralled large number of players all over the planet. An extraordinarily fun and connecting with experience makes certain to keep players engaged for quite a long time. Its openness, innovative mechanics, and feeling of local area go with it an extraordinary decision for anybody searching for a tomfoolery and energizing game to play.

Bbq bacon burgur

The bar-b-que bacon burger is a heavenly and exquisite treat that makes certain to satisfy anybody's sense of taste. This burger is made with a delicious meat patty, finished off with softened cheddar, firm bacon, and a liberal aiding of bar-b-que sauce. The mix of these flavors makes an extraordinary and fulfilling taste that makes certain to make them return for more. Not exclusively is this burger unquestionably delectable, however it is likewise extraordinarily simple to make. All you want is a couple of basic fixings and you can have a delectable dinner in a matter of seconds. The bar-b-que bacon burger is an incredible choice for a fast and simple dinner that makes certain to satisfy everybody. I energetically suggest it for anybody searching for a tasty and fulfilling feast.

Burgur berwick

I'm really glad to suggest Burger Berwick as a first rate eating experience. Situated in the core of the city, Burger Berwick offers a special and scrumptious menu of burgers, sandwiches, and mixed greens. The air is welcoming and agreeable, with a cutting edge, yet exemplary, feel. The staff is amicable and mindful, and the food is in every case new and cooked flawlessly.

The burgers are the superstar at Burger Berwick. They are made with the freshest fixings and presented with different garnishes. From exemplary top picks like the Bacon Cheeseburger to exceptional manifestations like the Greek Burger, there is something for everybody. The sandwiches are additionally scrumptious, with different choices like the Veggie Wrap and the Turkey Club. The servings of mixed greens are new and tasty, and the sides are an incredible backup.

The beverages menu is likewise great, highlighting an assortment of pop, lager, and wine. The sweets are additionally a treat, with choices like the Chocolate Cake and the Fruity dessert.
Generally speaking, Burger Berwick is a great choice for a scrumptious dinner. The food is new, the environment is welcoming, and the staff is amicable and mindful. I enthusiastically suggest Burger Berwick for an extraordinary feasting experience.

Bobs burgur

Bobs Burgers is a remarkable eatery that offers a wide assortment of flavorful food. The menu is loaded with exceptional and imaginative choices, from exemplary burgers to specialty sandwiches. The nature of the food is exceptional, with new fixings and tasty blends. The staff is agreeable and mindful, continuously able to help and give incredible client support. The environment is endlessly welcoming, with a warm and welcoming climate. The costs are sensible, making it a reasonable choice for all burger joints. All things considered, Bobs Burgers is a fantastic decision for a feast out. The food is heavenly, the help is cordial and mindful, and the climate is endlessly welcoming. No big surprise Bobs Burgers has turned into a number one among cafes.

Burgur fi

Burgers are a work of art and immortal food decision that never neglects to please. From the customary meat patty to the more innovative choices like veggie, turkey, and then some, there is a possibility for everybody. Burgers are a simple and helpful feast that can be delighted in at home, in a hurry, or in an eatery setting. The flexibility of burgers pursues them an incredible decision for any event, whether it be a family supper, a fast lunch, or a relaxed assembling with companions. The fixings for burgers are perpetual, taking into account vast blends to suit any taste. Burgers are likewise an extraordinary method for getting imaginative in the kitchen, with the capacity to redo every burger to the singular's inclination. All in all, burgers are an extraordinary decision for any event and make certain to satisfy everybody.

Cheese burgur

Cheese burgers are one of the most infamous and sweetheart modest food dishes of all time. Notwithstanding the way that they are heavenly, they are unimaginably adaptable. You can get them plain, with all the fixings, or with various trimmings and garnishes. They can be filled in as a supper, or as a chomp. Notwithstanding the way in which you choose to participate in a cheese burger, you ought to have confidence that it will be a wonderful and lovely experience.

Cheese burgers are irrefutably easy to make. All you need is a burger party, cheeser, and a bun. Starting there, you can change your cheeseburger in any case you'd like. If you're looking for an excellent cheese burger, you can polish off it with lettuce, tomatoes, sause, coliflavour, onions, pickles, and ketchup. Accepting at least for now that you're feeling valiant, you can add bacon, mushrooms, jalapenos, and some other topping that you can envision.
Cheeser burgers are an exceptional decision for a quick and straightforward supper. They are filling, awesome, and can be made in a matter of moments. Furthermore, they are a mind blowing technique for getting your everyday piece of protein. Whether you're in the perspective for a praiseworthy cheese burger, or something more creative, you ought to have confidence that you'll be content with your supper.

Cheese burgers are an eternal model that will continually be a main. They are quite easy to make, grand, and awesomely versatile. Notwithstanding the way in which you choose to participate in your cheeseburger, you ought to have confidence that it will be a phenomenal and enchanting experience

Vegan burgur

Vegan burgers are a delightful and nutritious choice as opposed to standard meat burgers. They are delivered utilizing a combination of plant-based trimmings, similar to beans, mushrooms, nuts, and grains, and are an inconceivable strategy for getting the flavor and surface of a meat burger without the animal based things. Vegan burgers are an exceptional decision for those expecting to reduce their meat use, as they are stacked with protein, fiber, and other crucial supplements and minerals. Besides, veggie lover burgers are many times lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol than their meat accomplices, going with them a superior decision for those expecting to keep a good dieting schedule. Also, veggie burgers are an unprecedented method for switching around your meals and can be delighted in different ways. Whether you choose to polish off your veggie sweetheart burger with vegan cheddar, veggie darling mayo, or various vegetables, you ought to have confidence that you will get a heavenly and nutritious supper. With so many veggie lover burger decisions available, finding one that suits your taste and dietary necessities is straightforward. I firmly recommend endeavoring a veggie sweetheart's burger for your next supper.

Burgur kind

Burgers are an exemplary most loved that have been delighted in for ages. They are the ideal feast for any event, from an easygoing family supper to a late spring barbecue. Burgers are unquestionably flexible, as they can be ready in various ways of fitting any sense of taste. The choices are interminable - from hamburger to turkey to veggie, there is something for everybody. Fixings and sauces can be added to redo the flavor, and the patty can be cooked to any even out of doneness. Burgers are likewise an extraordinary method for getting imaginative in the kitchen, as there are such countless various fixings and flavor mixes to attempt. Whether you're barbecuing up an exemplary cheeseburger or having a go at a novel, new thing, burgers make certain to please. With such countless scrumptious choices, it's no big surprise that burgers are a most loved feast for so many.

Smash burgur

Smash Burger is an eatery that offers a special and delectable feasting experience. The menu includes a wide assortment of burgers, sandwiches, mixed greens, and sides that make certain to fulfill any craving. The mark Crush Burgers are made with new, never frozen, 100 percent hamburger patties that are crushed, singed, and prepared flawlessly. The burgers are served on a toasted bun with various fixings and sauces. The sides are likewise made with new fixings and are similarly all around as scrumptious as the burgers. The café likewise offers various milkshakes and sweets to finish the dinner. I'm profoundly intrigued with the nature of the food and the general air at Smash Burger. The staff is agreeable and obliging, and the costs are sensible. I would enthusiastically prescribe Smash Burger to anybody searching for an extraordinary feast.

Zoie burgur

Zoie Burgar is a model individual who has displayed striking result in her field. She is a stirring representation of what can be achieved when one devotes themselves to it. Her accomplishments are a showing of her determined exertion, responsibility, and want.

Zoie Burgar has achieved a phenomenal game plan in her job, and clearly she is an outstandingly vivacious individual. She has dependably shown her ability to take on testing endeavors and gain ground. She is moreover a helpful individual, and her status to collaborate with others has been significant in her success.

Furthermore, Zoie Burgar is a trailblazer who will not hold back to confront difficulties and think about a few new potential outcomes. She is an imaginative issue solver and a magnificent communicator. Her ability to convey her considerations effectively has been an uncommon asset in her calling.
By and large, Zoie Burgar is a vital individual who has achieved an exceptional plan in her field. Her thriving is an exhibit of her constant exertion, dedication, and want. She is an inspiring representation
of what can be achieved when one devotes themselves to it. Her accomplishments are a showing of her commitment to significance.

Burgur rice

Burger rice is an amazingly delightful dish that makes certain to satisfy any sense of taste. It is a luscious blend of two exemplary solace food varieties - burger patties and rice that can be delighted in as a feast or a tidbit. The dish is staggeringly simple to make and just requires a couple of essential fixings, making it an incredible choice for occupied families or the individuals who have relatively little opportunity to cook. The rice is cooked independently in a pot with a touch of spread or oil and afterward joined with the cooked patties. The blend is then prepared with salt and pepper to taste. The outcome is a tasty, generous dinner that makes certain to fulfill.
I love burger rice and can without hesitation say that it is quite possibly of the most tasty dish I have at any point tasted. The mix of the delicious, tasty cheeseburger patties and the fleecy, it is basically compelling to comfort rice. It is likewise an extraordinary method for spending extras, as you can undoubtedly include any vegetables or proteins that you have close by. Burger rice is a dish that makes certain to satisfy everybody in the family and makes certain to turn into a normal in your feast revolution.

Texas burgur

Texas Burgar is a dearest cheap food chain that has been presenting heavenly burgers and other exemplary American top choices for quite a long time. From its unmistakable Texas-style burgers to its exemplary fries and shakes, Texas Burgar has something to fulfill everybody's desires. The eatery's obligation to quality is apparent in the newness of its fixings and the consideration taken in setting up every feast. The menu is assorted and offers something for everybody, from exemplary burgers and sandwiches to plates of mixed greens and even vegetarian choices. The air is continuously welcoming and amicable, and the staff is continuously inviting and supportive. Texas Burgar is an incredible spot to get a light meal to eat or to plunk down and partake in a feast with loved ones. I enthusiastically suggest Texas Burgar for anybody searching for a flavorful, fulfilling dinner. The food is dependably delectable and the assistance is first class. Texas Burgar is an incredible decision for a speedy and tasty feast any season of day.

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Burgur Menu

Travis scott burgur

Travis Scott's burger is a culinary fulfillment that has definitely stood out enough to be noticed of food sweethearts all over the place. The mix of a quarter-pound cheeseburger patty, dense cheddar, lettuce, pickles, onions, and a fascinating sauce is really something especially dumbfounding. The meat patty is cooked faultlessly, giving it a delightful and delectable taste. The separated cheddar adds a smooth overflow that supplements the meat patty. The lettuce, pickles, and onions give a beguiling smash, while the noteworthy sauce adds an uncommon flavor that organizes the entire burger.
Overall, Scott's burger is a dazzling culinary encounter that tries to fulfill even the most shrewd of palates. The mix of flavors and surfaces is genuinely surprising, and it is no colossal shock that the burger has become so remarkable. It is a display of the inventiveness and expertise of Travis Scott that he had the decision to make
such a delectable burger. I'm certain that Travis Scott's burger will stay a striking decision among foodies for a genuinely extensive time.

Burgur wheat

Burgur wheat is a unimaginably flexible grain that has been utilized in various dishes for a really long time. It is a nutritious, without gluten grain that can be utilized as a substitute for rice, couscous, and different grains. It is high in fiber and protein, settling on it a superb decision for those hoping to expand their admission of these significant supplements. Burgar wheat is likewise low in fat, sodium, and calories, settling on it an extraordinary decision for those hoping to keep a solid eating routine. It is likewise unquestionably simple to get ready, requiring a couple of moments of cooking time. The nutty flavor and chewy surface of burgar wheat make it an extraordinary expansion to servings of mixed greens, soups, stews, and goulashes. It can likewise be utilized as a side dish for any dinner. With its flexibility and wholesome advantages, burgar wheat is a brilliant decision for those hoping to add a sound, delectable grain to their eating regimen.

Organic food kings/Burgur kings USA

Burgar Ruler USA is an outstanding café network that has been giving scrumptious and reasonable dinners to many years. From their unmistakable Beast to their heavenly chicken sandwiches and fries, Burgar Ruler USA has something for everybody. Their menu is continually developing to meet the changing preferences of their clients, offering a variety of choices to suit all palates. The eatery network is likewise devoted to giving phenomenal client assistance, with amicable and proficient staff generally close by to address any inquiries. Moreover, Burgar Lord USA is focused on giving quality fixings and new food that is specially made. This guarantees that clients get the most ideal experience each time they visit. With everything taken into account, Burgar Ruler USA is an astounding eatery network that makes certain to please. With scrumptious, reasonable food, cordial help, and quality fixings, Burgar Lord USA is an extraordinary decision for anybody searching for a tasty feast.

Burgur nutrition and calories

1-Burgers are a scrumptious and nutritious feast choice that can give a scope of fundamental nutrients and minerals.

2-A solitary burger can give a lot
of protein, iron, zinc, and B nutrients.

3-Burgers are likewise a decent wellspring of solid fats, for example, omega-3 unsaturated fats, which are significant for cerebrum and heart wellbeing.

4-Moreover, burgers can be an extraordinary wellspring of fiber, which is significant for processing and by and large wellbeing.

5-The calorie content of a burger can shift contingent upon the fixings utilized, yet an ordinary burger can contain somewhere in the range of 300-500 calories.

6-Burgers are likewise an extraordinary wellspring of energy, as they give starches and proteins that can assist with filling the body.

Generally, burgers are a nutritious and delectable feast choice that can give a scope of fundamental nutrients and minerals. They are an incredible wellspring of solid fats, fiber, and fundamental nutrients and minerals, and can give a sufficient measure of calories to fuel the body.

Knowladge Penal

The bad effects of burger
  • Hypertension
  • Weight increase
  • Respiratory problems
  • Cancer risk
  • Diabetes
  • Contamination
  • Food poisoning
  • Typhoid
  • Lethargy
  • Heart problems etc.


Is burger a junk food?

Indeed, the facts confirm that burger is viewed as an unhealthy food. I for one endorse this order, as it is a helpful method for recognizing specific sorts of food that are not really solid. Burgers are normally high in fat, sodium, and calories, and are many times served close by unfortunate sides like fries and pop. Thusly, taking into account burgers as a sort of low quality food is sensible.

Is burger a healthy food?

Indeed, burger can be a good food choice, When made with lean meats, like turkey or chicken, and finished off with new vegetables, a burger can be a nutritious feast. Moreover, entire wheat buns are an incredible method for adding fiber to your feast. With a smidgen of inventiveness, burgers can be a heavenly and sound choice.

Is veg burger a junk food

Indeed, veg burgers can be delegated low quality food. While they might contain a few vegetables, they are typically handled and high in fat, sugar, and sodium. Notwithstanding, it's critical to take note of that veg burgers can be a better option in contrast to ordinary burgers assuming that they are made with entire grain buns and new vegetables. At last, it really depends on the person to choose if a veg burger is a sound or unfortunate decision.

Why is buger a junk food

I accept that burger is an extraordinary illustration of an unhealthy food. A helpful and delectable feast can be delighted in by individuals, all things considered. Burger is generally made with high-fat fixings like meat, cheddar, and mayonnaise, and is normally presented with sides like fries and pop. These fixings are high in calories and are not viewed as exceptionally nutritious. Besides, burgers are much of the time broiled, which adds considerably more fat and calories to the dinner. All things considered, burgers are a delectable unhealthy food that can be delighted in with some restraint.

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